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Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a powerful method used to clear and remove mental and emotional blocks from the subconscious mind that may be inhibitiing a person from reaching their full potential and experiencing the true joy of existence. 



  •  Healing of Self

  •  Releasing Past Relationship Hooks/Attachments

  •  Goal Achievement 

  •  Creating Harmony in Relationships

  •  Career Advancement

  •  Understanding Life Purpose

Tera Mai Energy Healing

Tera Mai is a gentle yet deeply effective healing system that is deeply relaxing and restorative giving a person an elevated sense of wellbeing. Elemental healing energies flow from Source, through the healer's hands into the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the person receiving the healing, as well as into the electromagnetic field that permeates and surrounds them. Universal healing energy repairs incongruence in the energy field resulting in balanced energy flow and restored health, mentally, physically and emotionally.




  •  deep relaxation 

  •  cleanses emotional energy

  •  cleanses excess mental energy

  •  energy rejuvination

  •  cleansing and balancing of chakras

Clairvoyant Readings

Delivered by connecting a person's energy field to the divine source of intelligence whereby transmissions of information are spoken directly as personal messages. This can provide clarity and spiritual solutions for our very human questions and problems.




  • Burning Questions Answered 

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Love/Relationship Closure

  • Past life Awareness and Understanding  

  • Life Purpose Clarity and Direction

  • Solutions to Issues and Obstacles

Angel Channeling 

The main role of a channel is to help spiritual seekers make contact with their Higher Self, and divine path.

Archangels, ascended masters, and spiritual guides speak through the channel to convey their teachings, messages and prophecies in order to guide and assist individuals and humanity.

A channel receives messages, or “dictations,” from ascended non physical beings, by the power of Spirit. During a dictation, the channel experiences a significant increase in vibration as well as an expansion of consciousness, allowing them to convey the words and energies of the spiritual master who is speaking.

Channeling provides access to higher frequencies from the spiritual dimensions, accurate guidance and specific answers in regards to your personal life, the world awakening events, or even cosmic knowledge for those seeking to explore.




  •  Greater Connection to Self and Spirituality

  •  Awakens Faith in a Higher Power

  •  Awakens the Soul 

  •  Dissolves Self Doubt 

  •  Encourages Belief in Self

  •  Promotes Self Worth 

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