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Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a powerful method used to clear and remove mental and emotional blocks from the subconscious mind that may be inhibiting a person from reaching their full potential and experiencing the true joy of existence. 


  •  Healing of Self

  •  Releasing Past Relationship Hooks/Attachments

  •  Goal Achievement 

  •  Creating Harmony in Relationships

  •  Career Advancement

  •  Understanding Life Purpose

Tera Mai


 Giving a person an elevated sense of well being, elemental healing energies flow from Source, through the healer's hands into the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the person receiving the healing, as well as into the electromagnetic field that permeates and surrounds them. Universal healing energy repairs incongruence in the energy field resulting in balanced energy flow and restored health, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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  •  deep relaxation 

  •  cleanses emotional energy

  •  cleanses excess mental energy

  •  energy rejuvenation

  •  cleansing and balancing of chakras

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